Tzadik Radical Jewish Culture Festival –Masada Guitars Revisited

Tzadik Radical Jewish Culture Festival–Masada Guitars Revisited + Eyal Maoz’s Edom
Date: Wednesday, June 22 at 9 PM till 11 PM.
Venue: Community Synagogue/Max D. Raiskin Center.
325 E. Sixth Street
(between 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave.)
East Village
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: 212.473.3665
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Cover price: $10

Masada Guitars Revisited + Eyal Maoz’s Edom – June 22

Masada Guitars Revisited with Yoshie Fruchter, Jon Madof and Eyal Maoz:
In 1993 John Zorn began composing and performing his 208 tunes that now
comprise Book I of the Masada songbook. The vast repertoire has been
performed by a mind-blowing variety of ensembles and performers, including a
2003 CD entitled ‘Masada Guitars,’ featuring guitarists Marc Ribot, Bill
Frisell and Tim Sparks. For the Tzadik Radical Jewish Culture Festival,
Masada Guitars will be revisited by three guitarists of the younger Radical
Jewish Culture generation: Pitom’s Yoshie Fruchter, Edom’s Eyal Maoz and
Rashanim’s Jon Madof.

*Eyal Maoz’s Edom:*
Eyal Maoz is a guitarist, bandleader and composer of great intensity and
vision. His band Edom pushes Radical Jewish Culture to exciting new places
with the addition of keyboard maniac Brian Marsella and Israeli drummer
Yuval Lion. Tight, driving and intense, Hope and Destruction presents
powerful Jewish rock instrumentals from a cutting edge guitarist who
combines the harmonic lyricism of Bill Frisell with the angst and skronk of
Marc Ribot. (John Zorn). .
Produced by Prelude Productions (