The Young Composers Award Competition

The Guild of Temple Musicians Announces
The Young Composers Award

The requested 2007 work is a set of 3 pieces performable as separate
pieces OR as a unit, with or without narrator. The work should be 10-12
performing minutes for cantor, SATB volunteer choir, piano and a single
instrument obligato (i.e., flute, violin, violoncello or other
instrument approved by chair before submission). The work should be in
Hebrew, using texts from Jewish liturgy, Bible, Jewish poetry or prose,
or a combination of the foregoing.

Deadline: Friday, January 5, 2007 (postmarked).
Eligibility: Jewish composers from any country born on or after January 1, 1972.
Scores submitted to: Chairman Ben Steinberg, Composer-in-Residence, Temple
Sinai Congregation 210 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, ONTARIO M5M 3B1 CANADA.
TEL.: (416) 487-4161. FAX: (416) 487-5499.

All musical questions should be directed to Dr. Steinberg at the number
above. Additional information may be obtained from GTM Vice-President
for Publicity: Jayson Rodovsky at: