Eduardo Paniagua focuses on poems from the Golden Age of the Sepharad in Al-Andalus, with Sephardic melodies and contrafactum pieces from the Andalusian-Maghrebian music of the Sufi brotherhoods and from the Moroccan and Garnati nawbat.

This CD is released by PNEUMA Records and distributed internationally by the Spanish company Karonte Records. The poems, written by Moshe and Abraham Ibn Ezra, and Shemuel Hanaguid ibn Nagrella, are played with Medieval and North African traditional instruments such as qanun (Arabic zither), Arabic lutes, fidula (ancient viola), citola (Medieval guitar), flutes and percussion (dumbek, darbuqqa, riqq, tar, sistrum), and is sung in Hebrew. For more information, contact: Jorge Rozemblum, at: