Songs of Life Festival in Bulgaria and Israel

The Songs of Life Festival will be held in
Israel and Bulgaria from Nov 21 – Dec 1, 2008. The festival will feature the Sacred
by Ernest Bloch.

The festival marks the 65th anniversary of the heroic rescue of 50,000 Bulgarian
Jews during World War II and serves as a celebration of the preservation of life.

Individual performers as well as choirs are invited to perform in the festival.
Performers will sing Bloch s Sacred Service in Bulgaria and Israel. The 12-day
itinerary also allows for individual presentations by guest choirs and opportunities
for sightseeing and guided tours. Auditors are also invited to attend the festival
and participate in the tours.

Please join in this celebration of thanksgiving that will impact generations to

The website has information on how to join the tour, and information about the conductor, the organizers and the itinerary and costs, and planned concert performances.