Shye Ben-Tzur & The Rajasthan Gypsies Free in Boston

Together with Outside the Box, Boston Jewish Music Festival will be presenting the grand finale event, a concert by Shye Ben-Tzur & The Rajasthan Gypsies. This is a unique multi-ethnic, Israeli and Indian ensemble that produces ‘world devotional music.’ Don’t miss what promises to be a remarkable free concert Sunday, July 21, 4 pm at Boston City Hall Plaza.


Shye Ben-Tzur is an Israeli-bred, India-based musician and rising star in today’s world music scene. After seeing several renowned Indian musicians perform in Israel some fifteen years ago, Shye was inspired to move to Rajasthan and study Qawwali music–a form of Sufi devotional music traditional to Northern India and Pakistan.

For the past 10 or so years he has been weaving Hebrew lyrics into his own Qawwali compositions, drawing from both Jewish and Indian musical traditions. With Israeli and Indian musicians playing together, Ben-Tzur & the Rajasthan Gypsies blend the mystical rhythms and melodies of Rajasthan with the distinctly spiritual cadence of Hebrew, creating a unique brand of music that embodies cross-cultural connection and religious pluralism.

Their ‘world devotional groove music’ is beautifully eclectic, organically spiritual, and simply irresistible. Exceptional live performers, Shye & the Rajasthan Gypsies have earned rave reviews at festivals in Delhi, Mumbai, Australia, Israel, and Canada.

This will be their debut concert in America. In keeping with band’s multi-ethnic spirit, this is a joint presentation of both the Outside the Box and Boston Jewish Music Festivals made possible by the generous support of local Jewish, Indian, and Israeli sponsors.

Ready to see some samples?