Shirei HaOlam by Kol Rinah, Westchester’s Jewish Community Chorus in Mamaroneck

Kol Rinah, Westchester s Jewish Community Chorus in Mamaroneck

On Sunday June 10th at 7:00 pm, hear Shirei, HaOlam: Songs of the World ,
a lively selection of choral music, sung by Kol Rinah, with Cantor Alan Sokoloff and
Rabbi Seth Sternstein at the Westchester Jewish Center, 175 Rockland Avenue
Mamaroneck. The program includes melodies from the older Spanish-Mediterranean,
Italian and Balkan cultures to the newer Ugandan and Israeli cultures, as well as
songs by Aaron Copeland, Frank Loesser, Leon Sher, George Gershwin, Charles Osborne,
David Burger, Leonard Cohen, Benjie Schiller. GA $22; Students/Seniors/WJC Members,
$17. Ticket info and Discounts: Wendy Segal at (914) 243-9059 or