“Shir Delight! A Journey Through the Song of Songs”

Rabbi Shefa Gold has just released a new CD:
“Shir Delight! A Journey Through the Song of Songs” which can be
ordered through her website: www.rabbishefagold.com

From the liner notes:
“To our brother and sister Journeyers: We have felt so incredibly
blessed to bring Shir Delight! into being. This journey of Love is a
moment-to-moment passionate, sensuous, Nature-revealing, wondrous,
awe-filled, ecstatic encounter with the Divine. Shir HaShirim is a
jewel at the heart of Jewish wisdom. We offer it to all peoples of all
religions or no religion, of all spiritual traditions that call us to
the path of Love and Presence. This path is about the cultivation,
strengthening and deepening of our own personal relationship with the
Great Love, the Divine Mystery. May every relationship in our lives be
a reflection of that Great Love.”