Sharon Farber at Beverley Hills

Israeli born Composer Sharon Farber is the Composer in Residence of The Beverly Hills International
Music Festival., which is taking place August 7-17th. One evening will be
dedicated to compositions from top Hollywood Composers. Curated by
Sharon, Voices of Hollywood, Vol. 4, was held the evening of August
12th. Original concert pieces by Film Composers include the World
Premiere of a concert piece by Composer John Debney (The Passion of The
Christ), along with works by the late Michael Kamen (Lethal Weapon), the
late Miklos Rozsa (Ben Hur), Peter Golub (Frozen River), Penka Kouneva (The
Third Nail), Paul Chihara (Death Race 2000), Gernot Wolfgang (The Process)
and Sharon Farber (When Nietzsche Wept).

For the first time, the Festival dedicated one evening, August 13th, to
the music of Israel¹s Composers. Conceptualized by Ms. Farber, this event
was a very dynamic experience.

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Sharon Farber¹s music was featured Sunday, June 7th,
at The Disney Hall in Los Angeles to stand innovation. 3 soloists, a
symphony Orchestra and a 100 pieces Gospel Choir performed two pieces by
Sharon, among other composers.

In addition, Sharon has been featured again on “From Studio to Stage”
concert with original pieces as well as arrangements of well-known film

In April, Sharon’s work for Women’s Choir and Chamber Ensemble, “My
Beloved”, was premiered in New York and her chorale piece, in memory of
Daniel Pearl, The Third Mother/Mothers¹ Lament, which was premiered by the
prestigious Los Angeles Master Chorale, was published by the Lorenzo