Sara Hecht Releases “Pieces” CD

Sara Hecht of Brooklyn, NY has released a new CD of Jewish songs called “Pieces”. It’s not your ordinary Jewish recording, but has all original songs (but one) written and sung by Sara in English. It’s an album of searching for, and finding, faith in Judaism and Gd. Sara’s music is arranged and performed by some key musicians, including Ian Freitor who made many of the arrangements of the songs. The first piece leads you into a country genre, but moves quickly into more soul and even some rock riffs here and there. There are some moving songs, including “Chana” which retells the story of Hannah and her seven sons in a heroine-point-of view way. Many of the songs are really contemporary female drashes in search of, and in thanks for, the Jewish faith. In general, for contemporary religious music, this is a pretty good album– very accessible, good arrangements, and I think there will be a lot of people who will enjoy it. There are many who will appreciate Sara’s thoughtful messages of Jewish searching and faith, as well as her pleasant voice singing in English in an American musical idiom. Aton Ben-Horin wrote the last song on the album “Unspoken Words” which is also a strong song.

The album is available on ITunes and CD Baby: