Rosenberg names “Song of the Lodz Ghetto” CD a “must have” in Newsday

Marion Lignana Rosenberg, a writer for Newsday, has named the CD by Brave Old World, “Song of the Lodz Ghetto” as “the must-have CD of 2005” She states: “This haunting work interweaves songs of hope and defiance from Lodz, where some 250,000 Jews awaited slaughter during World War II, with musical glosses by klezmer and new Jewish music band Brave Old World. Plaintive yet also a kick in the teeth of death, it is the must-have CD of 2005.” Rosenberg also has a blog where she links to some really great articles about the CD, not the least of which is a phenomenal review by Ruth Gruber in the International Herald Tribune last Nov 8, at
It’s gratifying to see the mainstream press starting to catch on to this great musical collection. For months the KlezmerShack has extolled the virtues of BOW. Our own announcement from July 23rd here at JMWC, is also worth reviewing with material from Alan Bern.