Rebecca Teplow Releases Hope

Rebecaa Teplow KavehRebecca Teplow’s latest CD “Kaveh, Hope” has just been released. The songs are all in Hebrew and composed and arranged by Rebecca on liturgical texts. Rebecca’s strong embrace of text is clear and distinct. She has interestingly even composed variations of her own songs and presents “Gam Ki Elech” twice in different styles. I liked the Joni Mitchell clarity and simplicity of her word painting in “Esa Einei” and that is one of her real strengths. The rock idiom predominates as in pieces such as “Hinei Kel,” which also includes some fun instrumentals. Teplow’s use of contemporary musical idioms are muted but used in a effective way, as in the introduction to “Peyrasti,” which starts out in one idiom but morphs into a rock sequence with some nice guitar riffs. The songs showcases Teplow’s vocal range and ends the entire album with a quiet dieout. Many will enjoy this album. It’s available through CD