ONE HEART: Music for the World in South Africa

A Benefit Concert for ORT South Africa, ONE HEART: Music for the World Celebrating Cross-Cultural Unity
This concert brings together brilliant musicians and songwriters from Jewish and African roots, to evoke and express our common humanity and to experience the wondrous unity within our amazing cultural diversity.
Afro-Judeo concert featuring outstanding musicians:

· Adama Kadmon, with Chanan Rosin, Johnny Sklar, Makhati Molekwa, Phosho Lebese. Afro-Judaic fusion featuring songs from their new “MAJUDA” CD.
·Ray Perkel with Friends, with Yochi Ress, Darrell Mordecai, Dan Palay, Mabaleng Moholo, featuring songs from the popular “New Journey” CD.
· Methapo Sounds, with Mabaleng Moholo, Dhumisani Khanye, Mosoeo Ketlele, Sowetan band playing inspirational world music.
·Ezra Altschuler and Chazak, songs to lift the soul.
·Avron Alter, songs from the depths.
· Shmueli Perkel, original Afro-Celtic penny whistle melodies.
· and a special tribute to US Chassidic Reggae superstar MATISYAHU by Michaeli Sacks.
ENQUIRIES 079-250-9669
Location: Linder Auditorium
27 St Andrews Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Linder Auditorium, a prominent concert and cultural venue widely recognised for its acoustic merits, is situated at the Education Campus of the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), 27 St Andrews Road, Parktown, Johannesburg .

A portion of the proceeds for this event are benefiting ORT SA. ORT SA specializes in education, vocational and job skills training, and community development for South Africa’s impoverished communities. The qualifications earned by ORT SA graduates enable them to build productive and self-sufficient lives.