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Noa announces new releases from Jewish Music March 2008
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The Barry Sisters Sing
Re-mastered in 2007, this reissue of the Barry Sisters’ classic Cadence Records
1960’s release makes a great set of tracks available in a high-quality format, with
great sound quality, a nice collection set of photos, and new and interesting liner
Track list:
Beltz ; Shein Vi Di Levonne ; My Yiddishe Momme ; Romania Romania ;Vie Iz Dus Gesele
; Roshinkes Und Mandlin ; Abi Gezunt ; Otchi CHarnia ; Ay Ay Hora ;Der Alter
Tziegeuner ; My Mother’s Sabbath Candles ; Intrigue (from the film “Foreign
Intrigue”) ;
CD £14.50
Order code: 240030

Anthology of a Yiddishe Mama – Myriam Fuks, Roby Lakatos and others.
What Myriam offers is simply the fruit of a life spent immersed in Yiddish culture.
Yiddish – her mother tongue – is her way of life. Her life has been a voyage, often
alone, but with a myriad of memories, jokes, suffering, and joy . in short, A Life.
And her music reflects the depth of her experience.
The disc also includes the first ever recording by the now internationally acclaimed
violinist, Roby Lakatos, then only 16 years old as well as 2 bonus tracks, one of
them previously unreleased. All in all, this disc is a unique tribute to the Yiddish
culture, performed by the leading contemporary Yiddish vocalist and booklet with
A Nigendl in Yiddish; Roumania; Margaritkelech; Yiddish; Papierossen; Fin a Shtein
Geboirn; Belz; Yankele; far nile nouch nile; A Yiddish Mame (a yddishe mame); vous
is gevein is gevein; ich bin a fartiker; mein meidele; ny platch mama; what can you
machen sis America; Giter brider Itzik; Leibdich Freilech; Houdel mitn strudel.;
Bonus tracks: Schmile; Neshumele.
CD £14.99, Order code: Coda541470610282

Yism’chu Celebration Shabbat in song
Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah and Andy Cable, Brighton and Hove progressive synagogue
Beautiful singing of traditional songs for the Shabbath.
Brighton and hove progressive synagogue was founded in 1935 and is a constituent of
Liberal Judaism. Committed to cherishing and celebrating the Jewish Heritage,
Liberal Judaism is also actively engaged in reinterpreting Jewish tradition in the
light of contemporary insights . Proceeds from the sale of the CD will go to the
Disabled Access appeal of Brighton and Hove progressive synagogue.
Tracks include
Niggun; Lchu Nrannah (psalm 95: 1-2); Shiru Ladonai (Psalm 96); Lcha Dodi; Tov
Lhodot (Psalm 92: 2-3); Yshamru; Yismchu; Eloheynu veylohey avoteynu vlmoteynu; ydid
nefesh; Tzur mishello; Azamer bishvachin; Hashiveinu; Oseh Shalom; Od Yavo; Eli Eli;
Hinneh Mah tov (Psalm 133:1); Mi Ha Ish (Psalm 34:13-15); Shalom Aleychem; Eshe
Chayyil; Erev Shabbat Kiddush; Birkat Ha mazon; Havdalah; Torah Blessings; Haftarah
CD £12.99
Order code: Yismchu

Klezmer fun brunen aroys! Glik
In this theatre piece Night time on the Old market the Yiddish writeL Peretz
describes the return of the dead and the wandering souls among the living for a
night. Amongst them the Klezmer musicians. The Music is based on Klezmer tunes
collected in Ukraine by Beregovski, Fantastic musicians, lively and interesting
CD £13.99
Order code glik-0001

Zun Mit a RegnZun mit a regn (Sun and Rain) is a metaphor for ‘laughter and tears’
and a fitting motto for a program dedicated to the three Russian composers and
friends Mieczslaw Weinberg, Veniamin Basner and Dmitre Shostakovich who supported
each other even in the worst of times. World war Two and the reign of terror in the
Soviet Union had a deep impact on the composers. The horrors of war were important
themes in their work and the music of the persecuted Jewish people was a source of
inspiration for them. At a time when Jewish culture was taboo and open
pronouncements could have fatal consequences, this was an act of courage. It was
often years before the works could be premiered, some scores never left the
composers desk drawers or remained buried in archives. This recording includes
unknown scores by Winberg and Basner.
Performed by the Sovali Consort: Soprano, violin, cello and piano.
Weinberg: Jewish songs first cycle; sonata for cello solo; Jewish songs second cycle;
Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue no 8 in F sharp minor for piano; Four songs from
‘From Jewish Folk Poetry’; Basner : Poem for violin and piano; Three fragments from
the musical ‘Jewish Luck’ for voice and piano trio
CD £14.99
Order code JMPCD001

Yiddish Preludes
Rami Bar David Piano, Ole Mathisen Sax. Instrumental arrangements to Yiddish loved
Tracks include:
Tumbalalaika; Mazl; Kshe Yibone Beyt Hamikdash; Oif’n veg shteyt a
boym; Die Greene Koseene; Abi Gezunt; Oif’n Pripetshik; Dona Dona; Rozhinkes mit
Mandlen; Belz
CD £13.99
Order code BarDavid-0001

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Light ‘as a feather’ Kneidalach
2 eggs, size 2
3 Tbsp. chicken fat or oil (light olive or peanut)
4 Tbsp. cold water
6 Tbsp. medium grind matzo meal
Salt & pepper
Beat eggs and mix all ingredients together. Cover and allow the mixture to rest,
ideally in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Shape into small balls and cook in boiling soup or salted water for 20 -30 minutes
or until the dumplings float to the top, drain.