New Additions to Mahler Archive Online

Teng-Leong Chew and James L. Zychowicz have announced that the following articles
have been added to the Mahler Archives:

From Symphonic Poem to Symphony: The Evolution of Mahler’s First Symphony
by James L. Zychowicz
Naturlaut 4(3): 2-7, 2005

Mahler’s Sketches for the Tenth Symphony
by Steven D. Coburn
Naturlaut, 4(3): 13-18, 2005

Mahler’s Sixth Symphony and the Challenge of a Critical Edition: A Cautionary Tale
by James L. Zychowicz
Naturlaut 4(4):2-7, 2006

Mahler’s Sixth Symphony in Context: What the History of Minor-key
Symphonies Can Tell Us about Mahler’s Decision about Movement Order
by Stephen D. Chakwin
Naturlaut 4(4):8-11, 2006

American Performances of Mahler’s Sixth Symphony
by Mary Wagner
Naturlaut 4(4):13-16, 2006

Gustav Mahler’s Sixth Symphony: Toward a Critical Discography
by Steven Vasta
Naturlaut 4(4):19-20, 2006

Bruckner and Mahler
by Bruno Walter
Naturlaut 4(3): 9-11, 2005