Musica Judaica Online Reviews (MJOR)

The American Society of Jewish Music announces official release of MUSICA JUDAICA ONLINE REVIEWS, which has been operating under the Editorship of Dr. Judah M. Cohen of Indiana University
since the beginning of the year.

Designed as an offshoot of Musica Judaica, the Society’s journal which is
published once a year, Musica Judaica Online Reviews (MJOR) not only allows
us to publish reviews much closer to the publication date of the book or
recording in question, but also guarantees a much wider circulation and
distribution of the reviews, to all who are interested what is being written
about in Jewish music. Moreover, at the same time, our goal is not only to
share the reviews but to engage in discussion, with readers able to submit
their comments (of course, moderated by our editor).

Reviews, on a broad variety of topics, ranging, for example, from “The
Organ and Its Music in German-Jewish Culture” by Tina Frȕhauf, to “The Making of
a Reform Jewish Cantor” by Judah M. Cohen, to “Jews, Race, and Popular
Culture” by Jon Stratton, to name but a few, have already been posted on the MJOR
website, with more to come this summer.

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as they are posted on the site.

The publication of books about Jewish music is prolific. The American
Society for Jewish Music (ASJM) is taking an leading role, and a variety of
approaches, in disseminating information about them. Through Musica Judaica
Online Reviews
, the journal, the Jewish Music Forum, concerts and other
projects and activities, the American Society for Jewish Music continues to
provide important access to the field of Jewish music in all its aspects.