Music of the Jewish People CG501–an ONLINE course

Join me online, your host at The Jewish Music WebCenter, as I teach an entirely online course through Hebrew College in the “Music of the Jewish People”.

This online course investigates the role that music has played in Jewish life from ancient to modern times. Topics include music in the time of the Bible, rabbinic attitudes toward music, music and mysticism, the development of the modes for prayer and scriptural cantillation, church and synagogue music are compared, music of the holidays and the life cycle, folk and popular music in the Diaspora, the development of art music in the modern era and music in modern Israel. It also includes music of American Jews. Prior knowledge of music is not required. Cannot count for graduate credit for the students in the Cantorial Ordination programs. – See more at:

The instruction for this class entirely online. It’s an “asynchronous” 3-credit class, which means you can log on at a time that’s convenient for you, read the materials and participate in online discussion boards. You’ll be able to hear music clips only available to members of the class, readings, and other course materials. While you don’t need to be able to read music, there are enhanced materials for those that do. In years prior, when I’ve taught this class, I’ve had student as far away as Alaska and Hawaii and from all over the US mainland and Canada. Anyone can join the class. The information for taking this class is available on the Hebrew College website. Address all your questions to the Hebrew College staff about tuition costs, credits or auditing, or transferring credits from Hebrew College.

The more we know about the history of Jewish music, its evolution and its spread among the various cultures of the world, the better we understand and can appreciate the Jewish music we hear today.
Join me in this fascinating online experience. I look forward to having you in my class!–
Judith S. Pinnolis