Meira Warshauer Symphony No. 1 World Premiere

World Premiere Performance of Meira Warshauer Symphony No. 1 Living,
Breathing Earth
by Western Piedmont Symphony of North Carolina was a great
success. The two other orchestras who helped commission the work will have first performances in March and April.
The Symphony was commissioned by the Western Piedmont Symphony, the
South Carolina Philharmonic (their Premiere performance will be on March
24 – and the Dayton Philharmonic (their
Premiere performances will be given on April 26 and 28 –

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The greatly successful World Premiere performance of Meira Warshauer’s
Symphony No. 1 – “Living, Breathing Earth” was given by the Western
Piedmont Symphony, John Gordon Ross, Conductor, on Saturday, February 3,
2007 as part of their Masterworks III concert at the First Baptist
Church in Hickory, North Carolina.

Classical Voice North Carolina’s review of the premiere performance
included this paragraph, “In the first movement, nature could not
provide better sound effects of the cicadas, the orchestra buzzing and
chirping throughout. The second movement recalls a nighttime canoe ride
in the Peruvian rainforest, with the sparkling reflections of stars and
fireflies in the dark, still water. This section is so gorgeous and
emotional that it could bring tears to one’s eyes. The third depicts the
playful dance of the butterflies and sunlight at the river’s edge. The
fourth movement takes us into space, where we look onto the living,
breathing, pulsating earth and its many changing colors.” The review
also praised the Western Piedmont Symphony’s performance and concluded
with, “”Living, Breathing Earth” deserves to be heard many, many more
times, not only for its message that life on earth is in danger, and
that we must be good stewards of the environment, but because it is such
beautiful music.” Read the complete review at

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No. 1, is online at You can also
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