Like a Rushing Spring

Nomi Teplow launches her CD “Like a Rushing Spring” . This is the premier show for Nomi’s new concert series featuring songs from the new CD “Like A Rushing Spring” as well as some of her popular hits.
After the show — A pull-out-the-stops dance!
Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 8:30pm
Matnas Karnei Shomron מתנ”ס קרני שומרון
Rechav’am Zeevi St., Karnei Shomron רח’ רחבעם זאבי, קרני שומרון

Keyboards: Odeliya Berlin
Drums: Michal Rahat
Guitars: Daniella Boss
Flute: Keren Golan,
Violin: Avital Nir
Featuring the Shir E-l and Or Y-a Choirs
**This show is by women for women only**
Tickets: 30 shekels
girls: 15 shekels
Advance ticket sales: 09-7920201/3 (recommended!)

What People Are Saying About Nomi:
“Nomi is very polished…The energy on stage at the Duhal Amphitheatre…[southern Tel Aviv] can light up the entire Ramat Gan [city north of Tel Aviv].”
-Shai Lahav, Maariv, Weekend Magazine
“The energy in the hall was electric, the colors spinning around everyone but above all stood out the mighty voice of Teplow…with masive vitamins of smile, with a storm-wind spirit and lots of faith, she sings from the heart, and vibrates hidden veins.”
-Dikla D. Gal-Ed, Nashim Magazine, Makor Rishon
“Do yourselves a favor and listen … In her music there is delicacy, tenderness, and attention to the inner voice, the one that always knows before we do.”
Einat Barzelai, Maariv NRG
“I was very impressed with her voice, her musicianship and her captivating personality. ”
-Yoni Rechter, Kaveret Band (Poogy)
Nomi Teplow is a unique phenomenon on the Jewish music scene… When this soul singer gets up on stage and begins to sing, the audience is riveted with wonder for she sets a different standard, higher than anything else known to date.”
-Roni Maimon, Besheva