Klezmatics sing Woody Guthrie in Ithaca, NY

The Klezmatics with Susan McKeown & Boo Reiners
Holy Ground: The Hanuka Songs of Woody Guthrie
Sunday, November 21st — 4pm
tickets: adults – $24, students – $14, children 12 and under – $7
Available at Clinton House Ticket Center or by phone at (607) 273-4497

The Klezmatics have made their name by blurring the lines of tradition with a modern sonic aesthetic. Since they
erupted in New York’s East Village in 1986, the KLEZMATICS have spearheaded the revival of Klezmer music,
reclaimed it as a contemporary form, and thrown a great party in the process. They have managed to produce more
than fifteen years of consistantly excellent recordings and performances that celebrate the ecstasy of Yiddish music.
Their music is by turn wild, spiritual, provocative, reflective and danceable.

The Klezmatics worked with the Woody Guthrie Archives to compose new music for a large collection
of ‘lost’ lyrics that Guthrie wrote addressing a wide variety of Jewish themes. The group has performed the Guthrie
material in venues around the world.