Music and Joy concert at The Waterside Arts Centre on Sunday 17 June 2007
Music and Joy
, the Jewish duo comprising Rabbi
Danny Bergson and Rabbi Mitch Goodman, is performing at The Waterside Arts
Centre, Sale, Manchester, UK on June 17th. This is the third concert by the two
orthodox Rabbis, who have already had such an effect on the Jewish music
world. Music and Joy plays a sophisticated mix of rock, jazz, fusion, world
and Jewish sounds.

Music and Joy‘s concert starts at 19.30 at The Waterside Arts Centre, Sale,
Manchester, M33 7ZF, on Sunday June 17th 2007. Tickets are available from
the box office, 0161 912 5616, priced at £12.50 for adults, and £8 for under
12s, students, and senior citizens.

Rabbi Danny Bergson is a professional singer and performs regularly at weddings,
seminars, and musical evenings across the UK. He studied singing with Danny
Hendrickson, the main tenor of the Jerusalem Choir in the Great Synagogue,
before undertaking his classical training with the Royal Northern College of

Rabbi Mitchell Goodman, who plays both electric and acoustic guitar, has
been a professional musician for 15 years. He is an experienced session
musician, guitar tutor and technician. Rabbi Mitch studied with Dave
Kilminster, who now plays with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. He is well known
in the Jewish music industry in Israel, where he was based for many years.

The pair met through their work in the Manchester community. Rabbi Mitch is
director of the Hale Trust, which runs educational and social events. Rabbi
Danny directs ‘Ignite the Soul’, which organises events for young adults in
Greater Manchester.

Music and Joy’s original arrangements are both soulful and spiritual. As
educators, the two have drawn on their experience to infuse their music with
meaning. They take metaphysical concepts and present them in a structured
aural framework, complemented visually by a light show.

Music and Joy’s first event was a concert in a private home in front of 60
people. Its second concert, which was held in Hale Synagogue, attracted an
audience of more than 200. They have become part of the wave of new
musicians who are invigorating the Jewish music scene. After the concert on
17th June 2007, Music and Joy plan to record their debut album. Rabbi Mitch
comments: “It is no coincidence we’ve been brought together. We use our
music to communicate our deep felt emotion, and to bring joy to people of
all backgrounds.”

Jonathan Steinberg, Music and Joy’s event organiser says: “These guys are
breaking down the perceptions people have of Jewish music. You might come
along expecting to hear two Rabbis playing guitar together, but instead
you’ll see two highly accomplished professional musicians. Music and Joy is
bringing Jewish music to a new, wider audience and has to be heard.”