Jacob Mendelson at viewing of Cantor’s Tale

Date: Friday, January 28, 2010
Time: 6PM – Erev Shabbat Services; 7:15PM – Film Viewing
Price: Free, open to the community
Contact: Cantor Rebecca Garfein,
RSVP: requested
Telephone Number: 646-454-3030
Website: www.rodephsholom.org
Artist/Speaker: Cantor Jacob Mendelson
Event Description: Cantor Jacob Mendelson will lend his magnificent voice and
neshama (soul) to Erev Shabbat Services, followed by a viewing of his award winning
film, A Cantor’s Tale, and a question and answer session. On Saturday, following
the 10AM Shabbat Service, Cantor Mendelson will demonstrate and discuss the styles
of Cantors from the Golden Age, introduce his family zemirot (songs) to the
congregation, and explain that the DNA for hazzanut is contained therein.