Ivory Consort at Chicago Festival of the Arts

On Tuesday December 6, 2005 at 7:30 PM, Chicago Festival of the Arts presents “The Ivory Consort: Music in the Land of Three Faiths”
at 1225 West Belmont in Chicago. Tickets: $40 if you mention the Jewish Music Web Center (save $10!).
Contact us at 773-548-8587 or ChicagoArts@earthlink.net

The Ivory Consort delights audiences with songs from the Golden Age
of Spain, when Jews, Muslims, and Christians forged a common musical
language. Featuring 10th through 13th century songs in Ladino,
Arabic, Hebrew, and Galician-Portuguese, the Consort provides an
historical context for the intermingling of cultures that took place
before the 1492 Expulsion.

Listen, learn, and see if you can resist dancing in the aisles!

The New York Times raves, “The Ivory Consort’s instruments roar,
howl, slide and buzz . . . with virtuosity and flair.”