Honoring John Rauch in LA

What: An Afternoon of Joyous Musical Celebration honoring the life and
creative vision of John H. Rauch

Who: Ofer Ben-Amots, Nabil Azzam, Stacie Chaiken, Sam Glaser, Yehuda
Sha-Rone Kushner, Stephen Macht, Vanessa Paloma, Yuval Ron Ensemble,
Russell Steinberg, Yael Strom, Bryna Weiss
Where: Temple Isaiah, 10345 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064
When: Sunday, June 10th, 2007, 3:00 PM

Admission: A suggested minimum donation of $15.00.
All proceeds benefit the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity.
Keep art alive.

Info: contact C.J.C.C by phone at.: (323) 658-5824
Or email us at: mtarbut@jewishcreativity.org

The Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity presents a special concert
celebrating the life and legacy of the Center’s president and
co-founder John Rauch. The event is a tribute to John Rauch in the way
he would have loved best: an exciting and eclectic gathering of
award-winning Center-affiliated artists performing contemporary
classical, Jazz, Sacred and World Music from the various Jewish
traditions. Additionally, an inspiring exhibition of art and video will
be presented in the lobby.

“…He built and supported, cell by cell, a wonderful beehive of
Jewish creators….John’s tireless and loving work is what gives Jewish
artists of our time the possibility to reach their full potential. We
are all blessed by him.”
Osvaldo Golijov, composer

“Dear Mr. Rauch,
The program of the Center seems to me to be wide and deep and eminently
worthwhile, with the potential for making a significant contribution
to the culture of the world. How may I be of help to you?
Chaim Potok”

About the Jewish Culture and Creativity:
The Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity was founded in Tel Aviv in
1990 by leading Israeli and North American artists, scholars and
entrepreneurs who recognized that creative talent is a major resource
of the Jewish people and that persons gifted with these attributes
should be identified, mobilized and bonded by the Center into an
activist movement devoted to sustaining Jewish identity.

A non-profit educational institution in both the United States and
Israel, the Center functions as a global fellowship of creative and
performing artists, scholars and benefactors committed to evolving the
dynamic national Jewish culture envisioned by Zionist philosopher Ahad
Ha’am. To preclude the fossilization of Jewish culture, the Center
stimulates and facilitates the creation of serious new cultural works
from a Jewish perspective and the dissemination of the resulting
artistic expression in respected public venues, thereby broadening the
horizons of Jewish culture and ensuring an ongoing Jewish contribution
to universal civilization.

The Center is neither a building nor primarily a funder but the vibrant
hub of an international league of successful affiliated artists and
scholars, who receive nurturing, comradeship and collaborative
opportunities. While maintaining strategic relations with many
institutions, The Center is totally independent and embraces the spirit
of K’lal Israel.