HaZamir Celebrates Landmark Concert

The Hazamir JHSC sends this newstory about a landmark concert held May 21 in New York City:
HaZamir: The International Jewish High School
Choir, broke new ground as it celebrated its bar mitzvah with a
Weekend Festival and Concert May 19-21st. Founder
and Director Matthew Lazar welcomed nearly
1,000 audience members in a concert that reached a
new height for the HaZamir movement. More
than 200 singers from choirs across the globe came
together in a unique blend of Shabbat, singing, and
synergy for an unparalleled weekend.

The Gala Concert at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall
featured two world premieres especially commisioned
for HaZamir by composers Nick Page and Meir

The concert also saw HaZamir
alumni from the past 13 years of the program
conducted by Cantor Charles Osborne. They emerged
from the hall’s wings in false grey beards and wigs to
emphasize age, providing a comical moment for the attendees.
HaZamir choirs from Baltimore, Boston,
Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, Manhattan,
Montreal, New Brunswick NJ, Northern NJ,
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence and
Israel came together for a Shabbaton, comraderie,
rehearsal and final concert.