HaOman Hai Ensemble New CD Kulmus Hanefesh

HaOman Hai Ensemble A new CD by HaOman Hai Ensemble called Kulmus Hanefesh: A musical journey into the Hassidic niggun explores the integration of Jewish folk niggunim and instrumental music from eastern Europe into contemporary Israeli art music. Members of the group include Baruch Brenner, Andre Hajdu, Yair Harel, Nori Jacoby, Jonathan Niv, Eitan Kirsch, and Matti Kovler. Participants are: Avishai Fisz, Roni Mosenson-Nelken and Itamar Ringel
The CD is produced by the Jewish Music Research Centre of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Andre Hajdu Andre Hajdu (b. March 5, 1932-) is an Israeli musicologist and composer who has taught at Bar Ilan University since 1970. He studied music with Darius Milhaud and Olivier Messiaen, among others. Hajdu helped found a composition department at Bar Ilan. Hajdu has studied folk musics of Eastern Europe, including niggunim of the Hassidim, and Jewish instrumental music, today known as “klezmer” music.