Hadassah Magazine on Jewish Fusion

Hadassah Magazine January 2004 issue has a great article this month called “Jewish fusion is Here” by Samantha Shapiro…. The lead reads “Imagine Molly Picon in a catsuit, Hallel with a bolero beat.”

Hadassah Magazine, which is actually a really pretty good magazine for American Jewish arts these last number of years, discusses the new music trends… Tzadik label having now released 80 CDs, Golem, and Margo Leverett with the Klezmer Mountain Boys, Paul Shapiro, and Roberto Juan Rodriguez…(Great pic of Margot and group, and a full page pic of Roberto Juan Rodriguez with band). Mainstream media has caught on that there’s really something pretty special going on in Jewish music. And let’s put something into perspective: Zorn has produced about 80 albums of new Jewish music…. the Milken Archive will be releasing 50 albums of older Jewish American music. The star burst of creative energies in Jewish music is an expanding universe and growing by the hour… It’s amazing, exciting, invigorating and wonderful. Stay tuned.