Fund raiser for film

Dr. Nurit Jugend writes JMWC and asks to post this letter below about an upcoming documentary film : They Played for their Lives.

Dear friends & family,

Imagine yourself in the year 1939, you re a young musician and music is the one
thing that can save your life…

One of the most absurd and unbelievable phenomena during the Holocaust, is that
while being Jewish condemned you to death, being a musician earned you respect and
appreciation by the very same persecutors – the Nazis.

Our documentary tells these extraordinary stories of musicians who faced these exact
circumstances: music was the one thing that could and would eventually save their
lives and the lives of those they loved.

As we enter the final stage of filming, we need your help to complete the film.
We ve started a fundraising campaign to help
cover costs of two remaining shoots by survivors from LA. Once we capture these last
stories we will begin editing and post production, and shortly thereafter be ready
to debut the film.

Preserving these remarkable stories for the future generations, and for the Jewish
community as a whole is something that cannot be done without your support!

Please take a moment to visit our online fundraiser and consider making a 100% tax
deductible donation. If donating is not an option, you can still help out in a huge
way by spreading the word and posting this link
on your facebook page, twitter feeds, your organization’s website, and simply by
sharing it with friends and family.

We have only 60 days to raise the necessary funds before the campaign is over!

Please pass this email to your family and friends.

Thank you for your attention!

My best wishes,

Dr. Nurit Jugend
Project director and producer