Florida Atlantic University Molly Fraiberg Judaica Collections

“FAU’s Judaica Music Rescue Project is part of the Molly Fraiberg Judaica Collections located at the Wimberly Library at Florida Atlantic University’s Boca Raton, Florida campus. The Collections are open to visitors on an appointment basis. The Project has collected more than 15,000 78-rpm phonograph records of Jewish music, making it one of the largest collections of vintage Jewish music in the world. The Project’s database includes Yiddish theater music, Hebrew folk music, Cantorial chants, Sephardic music and any other music that is captured on a 78-rpm record and can be considered to be Jewish. The website allows browsers to search the database, find out more about the project and listen to the music in a non-downloadable streaming audio format (when available). The Judaica Music Rescue Project is urgently seeking 78-rpm recordings of Yiddish, Hebrew and Sephardic music (both secular and religious) for inclusion in its collection. For further information call Nathan Tinanoff, Project Director, at 561-297-3787.”