Pearl Gluck’s film with music by Frank London will be
shown again at the Museum of Fine Arts on Thursday, June 24, 8pm & Sunday,
June 27, 2pm. Worth seeing (and the music is good!).

From Jewish Film Festival’s press release:
Pearl Gluck
USA/Hungary, 2003
77 min., Video
English/Yiddish/Hungarian w/subtitles

Director Pearl Gluck takes a renegade approach to healing a personal breach
with her father. Raised in a Hassidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, she
travels to her family’s homeland, Hungary. She searches for a
turn-of-the-century family heirloom, a couch upon which revered rebbes once
slept. Bringing back this couch, or divan, she hopes, will compensate her
father for the fact that she did not get married and return to the Hassidic
world. En route to the ancestral divan, Pearl encounters a colorful cast of
characters. A chorus of Pearl’s friends, all former Orthodox Jews actively
reclaiming Jewish culture, frame the tale. Divan is a marvelous visual
parable in which reupholstering a couch stands as a means of reclaiming
family heritage.