Der Kukvinkl

Der Kukvinkl” means “point of view” in Yiddish.
This column will feature opinion pieces and articles on issues and events surrounding Jewish music today.
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A Celebration of Jewish Music.

(This choral music article appears by permission of the World Zionist Organization. It first appeared on their website Hagshama.)

By: Ilene Bloch

Jews are a people of the Book as much as we are a people of the Note. The Musical Note, that is. We can trace the first Jewish choral work to Biblical times, where the entire nation made their choral debut in a paean to God for saving them from the hands of the pursuing Egyptians.

“My victory and song is G-d, that was my salvation.”
Ch. 15, verses 1-2, Shemot.

That can certainly help to explain the waves of passion and excitement that filled Tel Aviv’s Mann Auditorium during the Zimriya¹s, the world assembly of choirs, 50-year jubilee concert celebration that took place last month.…