Daniel Pearl Memorial Concert in Springfield, MA

Daniel Pearl Memorial Concert
Sunday, October 22nd , 2006
Rivers Memorial Building
Western New England College
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, MA

On Sunday, October 22nd at 3pm there will be a FREE concert commemorating
the “Daniel Pearl Music Day” of Peace and Harmony. The concert will take
place in the Rivers Memorial Building at Western New England College, 1215
Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA. For more info please contact Steve
Roulier at 413-782-1520 (sroulier@wnec.edu).

The musical groups performing will be:

– The Yiddishkeit Klezmer Ensemble
Ilene Stahl, clarinet
Brian Bender, trombone
Christina Crowder, accordion
Grant Smith, drums
Genevieve Rose, bass

– The Children’s Choruses of the Community Music School of Springfield

– Western New England College Campus Chorus

– The Presto String Ensemble

– Tehilah, adult gospel choir, from St. John’s Congregational Church

Daniel Pearl – the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and
murdered by terrorists in 2002 in Pakistan – was a classically trained
violinist, an avid fiddler and a mandolin player who used his passion
for music to form friendships across cultural and verbal divides. Danny
lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries, with a spirit that knew no
prejudice. He joined musical groups in every community in which he lived,
leaving behind a long trail of musician-friends around the globe. Every
year around his October 10th birthday, musicians around the world reach
out in friendship to join in “Harmony for Humanity.”

More information about Daniel Pearl can be found at

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