Daniel Greenwood New CD Released

Daniel Greenwood released a CD with Galpaz six years ago called Mayim Ad Nofesh and got a review from The Jerusalem Post. He has recently released a new CD with CDBaby called Onah Hashem. It is available on ITunes .There are a number of full songs on MySpace


He has also recorded music with a composer and keyboardist from England named Scott Hill. Daniel recorded an Album with Scott on his Astranova Label called Ancient Future available on ITunes. He released another CD on CDBaby and ITunes called Return to Regalia and he has had over 35,000 plays of his songs on Spotify(Streaming Music Site) in Europe.His Artist name is JJ.(Since there is a popular band from Sweden called JJ people think this is their CD and listen.They seem to be enjoying the music). Daniel also produced and arranged a CD for Dovi Small.They released that on Jtunes .com