Composition Competition

American Recorder Society ▪ Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
Composition Competition

The American Recorder Society, in collaboration with the Amsterdam
Loeki Stardust Quartet (ALSQ), is pleased to announce its composition
competition for recorder music. The competition’s goal is to expand
the recorder quartet repertoire with new music for professional recorder
players by composers from the United States and Canada.

Further information on ALSQ is available
on their web site:

Entries will be evaluated by members of the ALSQ and Dutch composer
Peter-Jan Wagemans. The quartet will premiere the first prize
composition during the American segment of their Flutes on Fire tour in
February 2008. At the discretion of ALSQ, second and third prize
compositions may also be performed during this segment of the tour. The
2008 Flutes on Fire tour will include additional venues in Japan,
Taiwan, and Europe. Winning compositions may be selected by the
quartet’s agents for performance at one or more of these locations.

The first prize composition will be featured on a CD of music by
American composers to be released by ALSQ in 2008 on the Channel
Classics label. At the discretion of ALSQ, second and third prize
compositions may be included on the recording. The CD insert will
include a brief biography of the composer(s).

The program proposed for the Flutes on Fire U.S. tour will feature new
waves in contemporary repertoire for the recorder. The winning pieces
from the competition will join works by American composer Kenji Bunch,
Great Britain’s rising star Graham Fitkin, Russian Hindemith award
winner Lara Auerbach and Dutch enfant terrible Jacob ter Veldhuis.

Compositions may include any sizes of recorder, and may require that
players switch between sizes, as long as there is sufficient time to do
so. Composers may explore avant-garde techniques such as blowing across
the mouthpiece, flutter tonguing, etc. Descriptions of sizes and ranges
of the recorder will be available on the ARS web site:
Further information on ALSQ is available on their web site:

Composition Criteria: Quartet with any size, combination of recorders.

Composer residency: United States or Canada; no age limits

Time duration: 7-10 minutes

Level: For Professional Recorder Players

Judges: ALSQ members and one European composer

Prizes: $1500 First Prize, $750 Second Prize, $500 Third Prize

Entry fee: $75 for the first score, $30 thereafter for each successive score

Important dates:

*September 10, 2007 –Deadline forentries

*January 2008 –Winner announced

*February 2008 –Composition performed on US tour of ALSQ 2008

*Composition recorded by ALSQ