College Course in Texas on klezmer

For Jewish music fans in the neighborhood of College Station,
Texas this fall, the Department of Performance Studies is offering
a new course that might be of interest:
Dr. Jeffrey L. Wollock (Visiting Scholar in Performance Studies) < /br>
MWF 10:20-11:10 in Room 402A Academic �The Music Room�
< /br>
For more information, please contact Dr. Wollock: < /br>>

The klezmer was the traditional wedding musician of the Jewish communities of
Eastern Europe. As versatile folk professionals, they performed at other
functions both Jewish and non-Jewish. The distinctive music of the klezmer
came to this country with the great East European Jewish emigration of the late
19th-early 20th century, taking root mainly an New York and Philadelphia. By
the 1970s it had nearly died out, but the last 25 years has seen a revival of so-
called �klezmer music� as an international phenomenon. This course will
explore the history, musical forms, and cultural context of traditional klezmer
music, as well as such cultural phenomena as adaptation, assimilation, social
memory, revival, and �world music.�