Celebrate with Radio Hannukah

Starting Dec. 21, 2008, JMWC readers are being offered a free online trial of Sirius channel 3, which is a station that requires a subscription. Those who are interested in this may try it, as they have a new series of shows specifically about the Jewish holiday.
go to www.xmradio.com/hanukkah
Here’s part of the show lineup:
Join Neil Sedaka, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, David Broza, Leonard Nimoy, Rabbi Shmuley
(from XM’s Oprah & Friends channel), Janis Ian, The Hooters, Dave Koz, Matisyahu,
Lisa Loeb, Barenaked Ladies and more for a celebration of Jewish music, culture and
all things Hanukkah. It’s on SIRIUS channel 3 and XM channel 38.
Click HERE for the schedule.

The trial starts Dec. 21st.