Call for Papers: Hearing Israel: Music, Culture and History at 60

Hearing Israel: Music, Culture and History at 60
University of Virginia
April 13-14, 2008

As the State of Israel approaches the sixtieth anniversary
of its founding in the spring of 2008, academic scholarship
continues to
focus primarily on its political life, religious and ethnic diversity,
and foreign policy. Much less attention has been devoted to the
life of Israeli society and its impact on evolving Israeli identities
across generations. One of the most dynamic yet least studied
spheres of
Israeli culture to emerge in the six decades since statehood is its
music, ranging from the worlds of pop music, rock, rap, and
mizrahit /to classical, religious, and ethnic traditions.

these questions, the University of Virginia will host an historic
international conference on Israeli music on April 13 and 14,

This conference aims to generate an interdisciplinary exploration
Israeli music from the multiple perspectives of ethnomusicology,
history, sociology, literature, and cultural studies, among others.
invite all specialists in Israeli, Arabic, and Jewish culture to
proposals for papers on topics related to music in Israel,
defined. Both historical and contemporary perspectives are

Featured thematic rubrics for the conference include the role of
in national identity and nationalism among Israeli Jews and
citizens of Israel, the changing relationship between religion and
secularism, popular culture and political ideology, and the
evolution of
/musikah mizrahit/ in Israeli society. Along with the academic
of the programming, the conference will also feature two
performances by major Israeli artists.

Proposals for papers should include names of participants with a
c.v. and a 250-350 word abstract. The Jewish Studies Program
at the
University of Virginia will provide meals and discounted lodging
conference participants.

*Deadline for submission: October 15, 2007*

Please send proposals or inquiries via e-mail or post to:
Prof. James Loeffler and/or Prof. Joel Rubin
Jewish Studies Program
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400126
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4126