“Bless the Fire”

We heard much of this material at the conference in Yale last Fall. Now Brave Old World’s recording “Bless the Fire” is out on CD…

and one Jewish-music-lister had wonderful things to say when she encountered this music:
“….Brave Old World takes us on an extraordinary and deeply
moving exploration of the Jewish European Diaspora,
sounding its emotional and musical depths, giving
intricate and layered voice to its intense longing and
the profound grace and resonance of the concept of home
which sustained our ancestors for so many centuries….
This is a masterful album, exquisite and powerful in its
musicianship, profoundly emotional (it moved me to tears
in several places on first listening), that bears repeated
playing. I continue to find new delights and musical
intricacies on each repeat listening. A recording
of such power demands your full attention….. and
rewards that attention amply. …. This album brings
us to a new place in our musical understanding
of our Jewish/Ashkenaz heritage.