Ayn Sof Arkestra and Bigger Band, Special Passover Edition

Tuesday, April 10 2012
Sixth Street Community Synagogue, 325 East Sixth Street, NYC

Ayn Sof Arkestra is the hottest new Big Band in New York! The strange Jewish love child of Charles Mingus and Sun Ra, Ayn Sof is the Big Band that personifies Radical Jewish Culture. The Band was founded by Grammy Award winning Trumpeter and Composer Frank London and NYC’s Jazz Rabbi, Greg Wall.

The Band features some of the most dynamic members of the NY Jazz scene, including Pam Fleming, Art Baron, Eyal Maoz, Frank and Greg, Rob Henke, Mike Cohen, Paul Shapiro, and Jessica Lurie. The repertoire is all original tunes or arrangements from the collective pens of the Arkestra, and reflects the diversity of todays NYC Jazz scene.

Ayn Sof Arkestra:
Saxes- Greg Wall, Mike Cohen, Jessica Lurie, Paul Shapiro, Zach Mayer, and Marty Fogel
Trumpets- Frank London, Rob Henke, Jordan Hirsch, and Pam Fleming
Trombones- Art Baron, Ben WIlliams, Jacob Garchik
Rhythm- Uri Sharlin, Aaron Alexander, Bran Glassman, Eyal Maoz

$15.00 cover