Artist-in-Residence Opportunity

Sarah Beller is serving as co-coordinator for the Artist-in-Residence program at
the National Havurah Committee’s Summer Institute, a week-long
celebration of Jewish learning and living attended by a diverse group of
Jews from all over North America (Conservative, Reconstructionist,
Reform, Renewal, Orthodox, single, partnered, young, old, LGBT, etc.).

Under a grant from the Poretsky Foundation, the NHC sponsors two Jewish
Artists-in-Residence to teach and be part of the Institute community.
The application forms are available online, and those who wish may

The Poretsky Artist-in-Residence grant is ideal for those wishing to
explore a participatory project or thematic course idea in a supportive
community that itself includes a number of talented artists. The program is
particularly searching for artist-teachers who can help others become
art-makers for the week, and who will participate actively as both
teachers and learners in the Institute community that forms each summer.
For more details, please see the letter and application (due November 28).