Amaseffer “Slaves for Life” CD Release

Amaseffer, a band from Israel has release a new CD “Slaves for Life” which features everthing from rock, metal to sounds of the Middle East. The recording is part of a planned trilogy that tells the history of the Israel people. In a way, it feels a bit like a rock opera or the score to a film, but the music can’t be pinned down to one style. However, the recording is quite compelling. Considering that this reviewer is not a heavy metal fan that’s saying a lot. The album shifts mood with each scenario presented. Members of the b and are Hanan Avramovich (guitars), Yuval Kramer (Guitars), Erez Yohanan (drums, percussion and narration). Also appearing on the album are Mats Leven (lead vocals), Kobi Farhi (all eastern vocals), and Special Guest Angela Gossow.