A Tickle in the Heart at MFA

A Tickle in the Heart
Thursday, January 11, 6:30 pm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Part of the Series, “Swiss Films with Rhythm”
Tickets: $9 general admission; $8 for memberes of The Boston Jewish Film
Festival, the MFA, students, and seniors
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A Tickle in the Heart
Director: Stefan Schwietert
Country: Germany, Switzerland, released 1996
Duration: 90 min., Video
Language: English, Yiddish
w/subtitles Film image
The Epstein Brothers were the kings of klezmer, the traditional music of
Eastern European Jewry, for more than 60 years. Beginning in the 1930s,
they played their joyous, sentimental blend of tangos, horas, Russian folk
dances and Gypsy drinking songs throughout New York. Today, as klezmer
music enjoys an upswing in popularity from Manhattan to Berlin, they live
and continue to play their memory-laden melodies in America’s retirement
paradise, Florida. The music is the star of Stefan Schwietert’s
documentary about The Epstein Brothers’ 1995 European tour.