A New Voice in Yiddish Music CD Release

“I Can’t Complain But Sometimes I still Do”
Jane Peppler accompanied by Aviva Enoch
The League for Yiddish is pleased to announce that this wonderful new CD is now
available from their online store The recording features 14 songs and and a waltz – a natural,
intimate atmosphere, evocative and original. There are a few old favorites, some
rarely-heard marvels, and two original compositions.
Track List
Zing, bruder, zing! Birobidzhan Di elter
Epes fun gornisht Gris, bagris
Don un Donye A bisl libe Hilda’s waltz Fraytik af der nakht Harbstlid
Got fun Avrom Bobenyu Glik
A yidishe khasene Ta’am haman
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“The recording’s greatest virtues are the selection of songs and the well-tailored
folkish arrangements. The duo presented songs from various genres: songs which are
rarely sung and even more rarely recorded. This is the first time this reviewer
has heard the songs “Zing, Brider, Zing” (Sing, brothers, sing) and “Birobidzhan.”
The melody for “Birobidzhan” is utterly beautiful and the piano and fiddle twine
in and out, with delicacy… Peppler composed a fine original melody for the folk
song “Hob Ikh Mir a Mantl” (I Have a Coat) and added a new verse to the song “Gris,
Bagris” (Greet, greet)…. Since the majority of CDs today emphasize klezmer music,
and not Yiddish songs, it’s a pleasure to hear a recording which expresses such
love of Yiddish word and song.” — Itsik Gottesman, Forverts, Nov. 11, 2010

Cost: $12 plus postage (U.S. – $5; Canada – $6; Foreign/overseas $5). $2 for each
additional CD. .
Add 8.65% sales tax for NY State residents.
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League for Yiddish, Inc., 64 Fulton St., Suite 1101, New York, NY 10038.
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